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that will guide you on this short tour: The game you've always dreamed of.


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Do you remember Rockport city? It was your home for hundreds of years, the place where you fought from morning to night in your war machine.

Do you ever feel nostalgic?

You still feel a hidden desire that convinces you to come back. Until today it has been a mirage. What if ... it was time to go home?

You know what you have left, but you do not know what you will find.

Rock Port, today, is a huge urban agglomeration! The population has tripled and crowded the sidewalks of the streets, the same on which you also ran. It's time to come back, but don't be in a hurry.


You'll have to get used to everything that's waiting for you there.



In most wanted part 2, you will have the chance to experience two revenge in one story. It will wind between two of the most iconic characters in the Need for Speed saga that will return to recover what belongs to him: What they will find, however, will force them to collaborate ... or clash: You will decide!



Live a story of adrenaline, revenge and plot twists. Try to survive in the most violent chapter ever created of the Need for Speed series.


Mix, create, model: welcome the return of the Autosculpt. Mix and model every single piece and install on any car the front of any model.


Rock Port police have new technologies. Resist the law with a level of difficulty never reached before.


Enjoy a realistic and simulative driving style. Set your vehicle to the smallest details: Tire pressure, suspensions, anti-roll bars, ecu, turbo power, downforce, camber etc.


Convert and mix any vehicle to your liking. Create the perfect mix inspired by American culture. The car is yours: Create the perfect mix.


Insert a text led moving in the rear window, in the windscreen, in front of the intercooler, inside the front and rear lights. Choose the color, the aim and the text: The limit is your imagination!


Choose the color of the eyes of your racing car. Choose the perfect mix of color, combo and effect.


Neon & Led:

Any neon or LED position, anywhere. The body is your canvas: Enlarge, bend, move along the body. You can place any neon or LED anywhere you want. Make sure that your enemies recognize you from a .. threatening red on the snout.